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Suggested Sites for Economic Data

Financial Post
Top site for business news. Contains leading indicators and links to Canadian corporations. Easy to navigate.

Royal Bank Library
Good source of reports on the economy. Click on the Market Trends link for reports on leading indicators and top stories.

Bank of Canada
Best source for Canadian financial data. Click on Weekly Financial Statistics for up-to-date statistics. About the Bank gives an overview of the Bank's history and operations, and Publications and Research contains economic reports.

TD Bank
Click on Economic Reports for daily indicators. Daily Market Report is very useful, it gives daily business and economic news.

Statistics Canada
Good source for Canadian economic data. Click on Daily News for updated info and newly-released studies. Click on Canadian Statistics for demographic and economic data.

Other Sites
These sites will be useful for students interested in economic issues not covered in class.

Bank of Canada Currency Museum
Good site. Tells the history of currency in Canada from pre-colonial times to the present. Very easy to navigate with lots of picutres.

Canoe (Canadian Online Explorer)
Large Canadian News site. Contains links to major newspapers and magazines, and also carries the daily headlines. very easy to navigate.

DRI-WEFA is a major private sector economic forecasting and consulting firm. It conducts a very wide range of work from country analysis to information industry outlook.

Essential Principles of Economics: A Hypermedia Text
Online textbook for Micro and Macro economics. Full of diagrams and very useful. Also contains links to original texts, for example clicking on Adam Smith in Chapter One links to a biography of Adam Smith.

Finance Canada
Good background information on the Canadian budget and public debt. This site contains tonnes of info, but there is some good stuff under Budget Info and Reports and Publications.


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